Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The first correction! YAY!

Phillip Rowe, who runs the theater at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, sent me an email explaining their theater's situation. He was extra cool about the needed correction, and very specific and clear in his explanation. Hope he doesn't mind me putting some of his email in here: (I did edit it a bit)

Visited your blog after reading about it on AICN – and I enjoyed the map. I did want to mention that Pacific Science Center in Seattle has two IMAX theaters and your designation as “fake” is incorrect. There are two IMAX screens at the museum – the Boeing IMAX Theater is indeed a giant IMAX theater with a screen that measures 60 feet tall and 80 feet wide. We have an honest-to-god 15perf/70mm 3D film projector in our booth, and we are most definitely real. The Boeing IMAX plays the Hollywood blockbusters and the regular documentary-style films.

We do have a second screen here at the museum that’s 35’ tall and 60’ feet wide, but we don’t show commercial films in that theater. It was retrofitted by IMAX in 1978 and is only used for nature documentaries during the day, so it’s not part of this new wave of smaller screens and admission to that theater and those films is discounted.

Please, if you would, change the designation on the map to show that the Boeing IMAX Theater is the real thing.

Thanks so much for this email, Mr. Rowe. You're a class act, a decent business man, and generally on top of things. We could use more theater managers like you. I'm changing it right now.

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