Friday, May 15, 2009

N-R states listed. Sure, it's not perfect.

After I've finished doing a first pass, I'm gonna start really digging into these emails to fix the flaws. Using this list that was passed to me proved to be much faster than going through the emails, but trust me, your emails count. After I hit the bottom of this list, any listed theater that has a contradicting email will necessitate research to get to the bottom of the discrepancy. As I've told a few people, it's not a full-proof way of telling you what you're getting when you go to a theater advertised as "IMAX", but that's IMAX's job, not mine. If IMAX were on top of things and truly paying attention to their customers and marketing to them properly, this map wouldn't be necessary. Hopefully soon enough this map will become irrelevant. I'm just trying to fill in the gaps and save some folks a drive to something they think is one thing but is something totally different.

Just to be clear, I still love IMAX. I want IMAX to succeed. I just want them to succeed on honest terms, and I want to know when I tell someone they should go to their local IMAX exactly what it is I'm suggesting to them.

Here is the most current map. I expect to have the first pass of the U.S. done by Sunday night. Thanks so much for the support, guys. I really didn't expect this many views.

View IMAX or LIEMAX? in a larger map


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  2. I might be the 100th person posting this, but I thought I'd post anyways, as I think this really helps.


    There you can enter your state, city, zip or even country, and it will give you every theater that matches. From there, click on the IMAX theater you are interested in and look for "Screen format:" If it says "1570", you are in good shape. If it says "Digital", this is the dreaded IMAX "D" format that has upset so many cinephiles.

    I found this working on a story for Variety. I write for them in Mexico City. I might point out that all 22 of this nation's large format screens are either domes or IMAX 1570. No fakes here.

    James Young

    p.s. You can get all the data you need to add Mexico's info at that same website.

  3. Here's 2 more for you in VA:

    VA - Potomac Mills 18, Woodbridge VA = FAKEmax. thought I was out of my mind after watching Star Trek w/ square pixels - then I found articles on the web.

    VA - Steven F. Udvar Hazy Center (aka Air & Space Annex) Chantilly, VA = true IMAX :)

    Great job on the map!

  4. Tigard, OR's Bridgeport IMAX is a fake.

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  6. Also, the disputed San Diego one is kinda weird. It's not as big as The Bridge's IMAX (in LA) by any stretch but it seemed bigger than the Tigard IMAX's screen. I'd call it fake.

    According to the LF Examiner link from your earlier post, it's listed as D instead of 1570.

  7. Awesome site. Just FYI, CineamFusion Anaheim is a FakeMAX. It's an IMAX MPX system. The only difference at this location versus the digital houses is the fact that it runs 15/70 prints, but on a tiny screen. The screen here is only 33-feet high. You get the IMAX film quality, but on a screen that is not worth talking about.

  8. Beware, 15/70 does not mean true IMAX. If it says IMAX MPX then beware it's a fake IMAX theatre as well since it's a converted regular movie auditorium.

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