Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gelfond is getting it together, apparently.

IMAX May Tell Moviegoers Dimensions Of Screens

26 May 2009 2:49 AM, PDT | From Studio Briefing | See recent Studio Briefing news

Responding to the recent flap over the smaller size of IMAX screens in new locations, IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond says that he has asked a Hollywood market-research firm to determine how serious an issue the matter is. In an interview with Los Angeles Times columnist Patrick Goldstein, Gelfond says that he expects the study to determine, "Is it just a few bloggers or is there really a bigger adverse audience reaction?" Asked by Goldstein why the company doesn't simply put up a sign outside IMAX theaters specifying the size of the screen, Gelfond responded, "We're thinking about doing that kind of thing," then said more emphatically later, "We're going to do something about disclosing information. Period. The market-research survey is really just to help figure out what to do, not if we should do something."


  1. I'll take the "IMAX lite" at the two AMC screens near me any day over their regular theaters. It's easily worth the extra $3 or $4(3D showings) they charge.
    I refuse to even consider seeing a movie in the regular theater anymore if it's available in the IMAX lite theater.

    I don't know what the big deal is. It's obvious the screen is smaller than the regular IMAX as soon as you walk in. AMC will have no problem giving you a refund. So if people don't like it, just make the drive to the regular IMAX theater. For me, I'm not going to spend and hour in traffic to go out to the regular IMAX theater. The IMAX lite is very good on it's own.

  2. The issue isn't whether the new digital IMAX theaters on slightly larger screens warrant the extra money or not. The issue is that some people go in expecting on thing (based on their previous IMAX experiences) and end up getting something very different. People should be able to know before they buy their tickets which it is that they're getting. Viewers shouldn't have to buy their ticket and walk into the auditorium before they know what it is they are paying for, and they certainly shouldn't have to ask for a refund. They should be allowed to make an informed decision. Think about how many people have driven out of their way to get something they didn't get. Do you expect them to just ask for a refund and be happy? Besides, this whole thing started with a refumd refusal.

    Again, I'm sure the digital non-giant theaters are better than regular theaters in a lot of ways. That isn't the issue.

  3. I just called the Dick Chenal Imax in Little Rock that is in question. It is A 70mm Imax projection with a 60 x 40 ft. screen

  4. Roger Ebert has just written about this on his Chicago Sun Times blog, when the most famous movie critic in the country is writing about it I think it's safe to assume that the problem is bigger than "just a few bloggers".

  5. Are you counting a DLP as a fake IMAX? The Kerasote location on the southside of Indianapolis used a DLP camera for Star Trek.

  6. DLP Digital is like DVD over VHS in the theater world......IMAX is the Blu Ray top of the line..I want my money's worth

  7. James: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS SITE. You just saved me 90 minutes on the road and some money and frustration.

    I wanted to check out the real IMAX experience, and saw there's a newly built IMAX theater in Midlothian, VA. Upon discovering on Ebert's blog that there are two kinds, I called the theater to ask which size it is... and they had no idea.

    I was about to risk the trip out there, but your map saved me. Big red exclamation point right over Midlothian VA. Thanks!

    By the way, there is an IMAX Dome at the Science Museum in downtown Richmond VA that does not appear on the map. This theater very rarely plays feature films though.

    aaronwt: There are quite a few people like me who have just taken notice that IMAX exists and want to check it out. Naturally, I want to see the real thing. The closest theater happens to be 45 minutes away from me.

    I would have been quite disappointed to drive all the way out there and get Fake IMAX.

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